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Shareholders Relations

The Company is committed to maintaining a high level of transparency and employs a policy of open and timely disclosure of relevant information to its Shareholders. This commitment to fair disclosure and comprehensive and transparent reporting of the Group's activities can be reflected in many aspects.

The Board strives to encourage and maintain constant dialogue with the Shareholders through various means. The Chairman (with the assistance of the Company Secretary and the other Directors) has established a shareholders' communication policy to ensure that appropriate steps are taken to provide effective communication with the Shareholders.

Information is communicated to the Shareholders mainly through the Company's corporate communications (such as interim and annual reports, announcements and circulars) and annual general meetings as well as disclosures on the website of the Company.

The annual general meetings and other general meetings, if any, of the Company are good communication channels for the Board to meet and exchange views with the Shareholders. Question and answer sessions at general meetings foster constructive dialogues between Shareholders and the Directors. The Directors use their best endeavour to attend the general meetings so that they may answer any questions from the Shareholders.

The Company also communicates to its Shareholders through its annual and interim reports. All such reports can also be accessed via the websites of the Company and Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited. The Company's website also provides Shareholders with its corporate information, such as its major business and recent development of its data centre projects. Shareholders may send their enquiries to the Board by sending the same to the Company at the principal office of the Company in Hong Kong or by email to the Company at [email protected]. The Directors, the Company Secretary or other appropriate members of the Management, and the branch share registrar and transfer office of the Company also respond to inquiries from Shareholders and investors promptly.

The Company is committed to protecting the privacy right on all personal data collected from Shareholders. When collecting personal data from the Shareholders, the Company will specify in the relevant documents the purpose of collection and the use of personal data etc. Contact details are also provided to the Shareholders for accessing and correcting their personal data.

The Corporate Governance Committee will review the shareholders' communication policy at least annually to ensure its effectiveness. Having considered the different channels of communication with Shareholders, the Corporate Governance Committee is satisfied that the shareholders' communiation policy has been properly implemented during the year and is appropriate.

Extraordinary general meetings shall be convened on the written requisition of any one or more Shareholders deposited at the principal office of the Company in Hong Kong specifying the objects of the meeting and resolutions to the meeting agenda and signed by the requisitionist(s), provided that such requisitionist(s) held as at the date of deposit of the requisition not less than one-tenth of the voting rights, on a one vote per share basis, of the Company which carries the right of voting at general meetings of the Company. Shareholders may put forward proposals at general meetings of the Company by sending the same to the Company at the principal office of the Company in Hong Kong.