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Audit Committee

The Audit Committee’s primary duties include reviewing the Group’s financial reports, and its risk management and internal control systems in order to ensure the presentation of a true and balanced assessment of the Group’s financial position and corporate governance; reviewing the effectiveness of the Group's internal audit function; making recommendation to the Board on the appointment of auditor; and reviewing financial and accounting policies and practices adopted by the Group. Other duties of the Audit Committee are set out in its specific terms of reference, which are posted on the websites of the Company and Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited respectively. The Audit Committee is provided with sufficient resources enabling it to perform its duties.

The Audit Committee currently comprises four members, all of them being Non-Executive Directors with the majority of them being Independent Non-Executive Directors.

  • Wong Kai-man (Committee Chairman)
  • Cheung Wing-yui
  • Li On-kwok, Victor
  • King Yeo-chi, Ambrose

PDF: Terms of Reference for Audit Committee