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Board of Directors

The Board has overall responsibility for the leadership, strategic direction, control and performance of the Group and for promoting the success of the Group by directing and supervising its affairs.

The Board is also responsible for supervising the management of the Group (the “Management”) and has delegated the responsibility for day-to-day operations and management of the Group’s businesses to the Management.

Board Composition

The Board currently has seventeen Directors, comprising four Executive Directors, six Non-Executive Directors and seven Independent Non-Executive Directors.

Executive Directors

  • Kwok Ping-luen, Raymond (Chairman)
  • Fung Yuk-lun, Allen (Vice Chairman)
  • Tung Chi-ho, Eric
  • Chan Man-yuen, Martin

Non-Executive Directors

  • Cheung Wing-yui (Vice Chairman)
  • Kwok Kai-wang, Christopher
  • David Norman Prince
  • Siu Hon-wah, Thomas
  • Chan Hong-ki, Robert
  • Lau Yeuk-hung, Fiona

Independent Non-Executive Directors

  • Li On-kwok, Victor
  • King Yeo-chi, Ambrose
  • Wong Kai-man
  • Lee Wai-kwong, Sunny
  • Cheng Ka-lai, Lily
  • Leong Kwok-kuen, Lincoln
  • Jack Lau

The overall responsibilities of the Board include considering and making decisions on the following matters:

  • setting the corporate goals of the Group and formulating the Group’s strategy and monitoring the implementation thereof;
  • diversification and extension of activities into new business areas/cessation of operation of any material parts of its existing businesses;
  • approving the annual and interim results;
  • dividend policy;
  • material changes to capital structure;
  • major financing arrangements;
  • material acquisitions and disposals;
  • ensuring the integrity of the Group’s accounting and financial reporting system and public announcements;
  • reviewing and monitoring the Group’s risk management and internal control systems;
  • the Group’s policies and practices on corporate governance and effective compliance practice;
  • the Group’s strategy and approach to environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) issues and effective ESG risk management;
  • approval of resolutions and corresponding documentation for Shareholders’ approval;
  • Board membership and other appointments;
  • membership and terms of reference of the Board Committees; and
  • monitoring the performance of the Management.

All Directors have access to relevant and timely information at all times as the Management will supply the Board and the Board Committees with all relevant information in a timely manner. They may make further enquiries if in their opinion it is necessary or appropriate to request for further information. They also have unrestricted access to the advice and services of the Company Secretary, who is responsible to the Board for providing the Directors with Board papers and related materials, and for ensuring that all Board procedures and all applicable rules and regulations are followed. If considered to be necessary and appropriate by the Directors, they may upon reasonable request seek independent professional advice at the Company’s expense.

Except for those circumstances permitted by the amended and restated articles of association of the Company and the Listing Rules, a Director who is considered to be materially interested in any transaction, arrangement or contract or any other kind of proposal put forward to the Board for consideration will abstain from voting on the relevant resolution.