About Us


About Us

SUNeVision harnesses the strengths of Sun Hung Kai Properties' principal technology assets including iAdvantage, Super e-Technology, Super e-Network and venture capital investments.
SUNeVision has a strong financial position, and its portfolio of data infrastructure and service businesses positions it well for sustained profitability and growth.

iAdvantage is one of the major operators of carrier-neutral data centre services in Hong Kong, iAdvantage offers quality services to meet stringent requirements of its customers. We owns top-notch carrier-neutral data centres in Hong Kong, connecting Telco, ISP, cloud, CDN, OTT providers, enterprises and Governments with Colo, HKIX, AWS DX and other value added services

Super e-Technology engages in the installation and maintenance of its satellite distribution network, state-of-the-art fibre-optic cable, networking and security surveillance systems; and is one of the major players in the industry in Hong Kong.

Super e-Network provides professional design-and-build consultancy service for wireless and broadband network projects, it is a pioneer in intelligent-building networks.



SUNeVision集結了新鴻基地產主要技術資產的優勢,當中包括互聯優勢、新意網科技、Super e-Network。SUNeVision財務穩健,旗下數據中心為企業帶來持續盈利和增長。

互聯優勢 為香港中立數據中心服務的主要營運者,致力提供優質服務滿足不同的客戶需要。我們在香港擁有頂尖的運營商中立數據中心,把Telco,ISP,Cloud,CDN,OTT供應商,政府及企業連接起來, 提供主機託管服務Colo,香港國際互聯網交換HKIX,AWS DX 直接連接和數據中心管理服務。

新意網科技 致力於安裝及維護衞星系統丶寬頻網絡和保安監察系統,是香港業界的主要參與者之一。

Super e-Network 致力於安裝及提供無線及寬頻網絡服務,是建設智能網絡的先驅。